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Basic Email Account (OWA, POP3, SMTP, 200MB, Spam/Virus)
$5.00 per month

Premium Email Account (OWA, MAPI, ActiveSync Push, 1GB, Spam/Virus)
$15.00 per month

Catch-All Email Account For External Mail Server (POP3, SMTP Access, Spam/Virus)
$20.00 per month

Blackberry Enterprise Hosting
$10.00 per month

Web Hosting (PHP) 1GB Disk Space
$15.00 per month

Web Hosting (.NET) 1GB Disk Space
$15.00 per month

MS SQL Server Database (1GB)
$40.00 per month

MySQL Server Database (1GB)
$10.00 per month

Windows Sharepoint Hosting
$90.00 per month

Sharepoint User Account
$5.00 per month

FTP Account
$5.00 per month

Static IP Address
$5.00 per month

SSL Web Hosting
$15.00 per month

DNS Hosting
$2.00 per month

  • Bulk Media File Hosting $30/mo
  • Hosting/ Email account Setup $65
  • All email and hosting accounts are billed annually, renewable Feb 1.
  • Run of Schedule (ROS) billing, is time billed based on work queue.  Minimum Billing is 30 minutes.
  • Time on Demand (TOD) billing, is time based on Demand.  “I need this done now” is a good description, and is when we hold work Queue to execute your order.  Min 1 hr billable.
  • After Hours billing is standard rate X2, minimum 1 hr billable.

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